Dell R220 rack server

Install your server in a wide range of settings.

Whether its your first server or your latest refresh, the space-saving PowerEdge R220 is ideal for a variety of workloads and for organizations of all sizes. Install your server in a wide range of settings, thanks to a short chassis depth of (15.5in) that makes the R220 more compact than competitive servers. Easily deploy in a short-depth rack, on a countertop or in a data center and have ample space for cabling or for connecting devices to the 5 USB ports. Quiet, office-level acoustics make this server ideal for open-office environments and can reduce noise in data centers.

Features Specification
Part # R220 1U Rack
Processor Intel Xeon E3-1220v3 (Quad Core)
Max. Processor 1
Ghz 3.1 Ghz
Cache 8 Mb
FSB 1600 Mhz
STD Memory 8 GB X 1
Max. Memory 32GB; 4 Slots
In-Built Hard Drive 1 x 500GB SATA, Simple Swap 3.5in 7.2k RPM Simple Swap
# of Hard Disk Bays 2 bay
Optical DVD Writer
System Management Basic Management
Basic Management 1 PCIe X16 3.0
Raid Capability OnBoard RAID 01
RPS Standard (Inbuilt) 1
RPS Max Max: 1
Warranty 3 Yrs Onsite NBD